Sunday, February 13, 2011

La fin de la semaine

I know you're all dying to know what I got up to this weekend. Generally I play it pretty low-key and just go out on Friday, but this week I decided to get a bit wild.

Leanna, Tanie & Carly are so Great
(Shamelessly stolen from Tanie's flickr.)

Friday night: Dance Central party with Tanie, Carleigh, and Georgie (our non-human companion).

Two fun gals and our tall Danish pal

Saturday night: The original plan was to go to the Roxy for my classmate Ashley's birthday, but after an hour in line with the door still 20 people ahead Robyn and I bailed. Eventually we ended up at the Waldorf, but only got a solid hour of dancing in before it closed. Still, it was a good night because we met this Danish guy who was 6'6" and snuck us into his hostel so we could pee. Chivalry!

Today I'm definitely feeling the effects of two nights of partying and I don't see myself leaving my sweats until tomorrow morning.


  1. lol I was just planning on doing my ~weekend recap~ and when I saw that pic I thought I had somehow already done it hahahahaha