Sunday, February 27, 2011

But oh, oh those summer nights


Despite the fact that winter is clearly not over yet, as evidenced by my front yard in the above picture, I'm definitely in the mood for summer. Maybe it's because school has been kicking my ass especially hard as of late. Maybe it's because this time last year, not only was I out and about enjoying the Olympics but I was doing so in a cardigan with a Slurpee in hand. But okay, it's probably because warm summer nights are a hell of a lot more fun than bundling up and paying for coat check.

If you're craving the sun like I am, here are a couple tracks to exacerbate those feelings:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

¡FĂȘte du Sangria!

(I took French in high school, sue me.)

Recipe for danger (and the best sangria ever):

4x750mL bottles red wine
1.14L vodka
2L ginger ale
750mL (give or take) orange juice
sliced citrus fruits

Deceptively delicious; profoundly potent. Serve in large wine glasses in celebration of your Australian friend's visit to Canada.

Robyn's sangria fiesta was a surprising hit. People (okay, one person) even came down from Burnaby Mountain -- the place that seems to devour our friends, never to be seen again. At around 2 am my friend Dawson showed up with a few others in tow; sadly I'd already long forgotten about my camera. I swear it was still bumpin' until the wee hours of the morning.

I apologize for all the red eye going on, as well as the general lack of photo editing. I haven't installed the Adobe suite on this computer yet!

My, that's a large wine glass
This is how I looked all night.

Katrina, the guest of honour.

Chip time
Lindsey, Parsiad, and I.

Katrina, Joel, and Robyn.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Crazy 4 u

First, I'd like to let y'all know I got an iMac and will therefore be bombarding this blog with pictures of high class and importance in the future.

Cleocat and me

My cat really needs to learn how to pose better. Smizing can come later.

Anyways, I'm overjoyed to finally be rid of my Dell laptop that I got in 2006. I mean, it didn't even have a webcam or microphone. I was still running Windows XP. Sims 3 couldn't run without crashing. Get with the times, Leanna. It's been a bit of a difficult transition. I've used Windows for the past 19 years! Although I can definitely see how user-friendly Macs are, it still took me 10 minutes to figure out that getting the pictures off my digital camera was as easy as opening iPhoto and letting it do the work for me.

Victory! This is what I did last night:


Best Coast
Best Coast

The show was at the Rickshaw, a venue I'd never been to before. Minus the ridiculously long lines to the bathroom (due in large part to 2 of the 4 stalls being out of order) it was great. I even bought some underaged kids beer, which I consider my good deed of the week. A couple drunk assholes nearly ruined the evening by making fun of my height (really? Is this kindergarten? I'm pocket-sized and adorable, motherfucker) but then I ran into Jamie, an old friend from SFU who I haven't seen in 3 years, and all was well...except for losing Robyn during Best Coast, oops. My lord and saviour Jamie Christ gave me a ride home and now I think I owe him my life because I would have otherwise been stranded on the Downtown East Side. What kind of concert ends at 1 am? I'm too old for this.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

La fin de la semaine

I know you're all dying to know what I got up to this weekend. Generally I play it pretty low-key and just go out on Friday, but this week I decided to get a bit wild.

Leanna, Tanie & Carly are so Great
(Shamelessly stolen from Tanie's flickr.)

Friday night: Dance Central party with Tanie, Carleigh, and Georgie (our non-human companion).

Two fun gals and our tall Danish pal

Saturday night: The original plan was to go to the Roxy for my classmate Ashley's birthday, but after an hour in line with the door still 20 people ahead Robyn and I bailed. Eventually we ended up at the Waldorf, but only got a solid hour of dancing in before it closed. Still, it was a good night because we met this Danish guy who was 6'6" and snuck us into his hostel so we could pee. Chivalry!

Today I'm definitely feeling the effects of two nights of partying and I don't see myself leaving my sweats until tomorrow morning.