Wednesday, February 23, 2011

¡Fête du Sangria!

(I took French in high school, sue me.)

Recipe for danger (and the best sangria ever):

4x750mL bottles red wine
1.14L vodka
2L ginger ale
750mL (give or take) orange juice
sliced citrus fruits

Deceptively delicious; profoundly potent. Serve in large wine glasses in celebration of your Australian friend's visit to Canada.

Robyn's sangria fiesta was a surprising hit. People (okay, one person) even came down from Burnaby Mountain -- the place that seems to devour our friends, never to be seen again. At around 2 am my friend Dawson showed up with a few others in tow; sadly I'd already long forgotten about my camera. I swear it was still bumpin' until the wee hours of the morning.

I apologize for all the red eye going on, as well as the general lack of photo editing. I haven't installed the Adobe suite on this computer yet!

My, that's a large wine glass
This is how I looked all night.

Katrina, the guest of honour.

Chip time
Lindsey, Parsiad, and I.

Katrina, Joel, and Robyn.

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