Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I've learned this summer

1. If I don't have any schoolwork to procrastinate over, I forget to blog.
2. Don't waste time waiting for summer weather, because by the time it finally arrives there will only be a month left until school.
3. Trying to remember a summer's worth of events is hard, even for one as relatively uneventful as mine. Here goes!

Yelle - Commodore - May 13


Incredibly high-energy! I remember sweating a lot. Unfortunately I don't remember much else.

Neon Indian & Sleigh Bells - Vogue - May 25

Neon Indian

Sleigh Bells

Easily one of the top 10 concerts I've ever been to. To me, there's not much better than two bands I love playing a show together. I don't think I stopped dancing aside from the two trips to the bar for extremely overpriced PBR ($6/can!!! And it was the cheapest beer they had! Madness!!). The Vogue was a pretty nice venue, and although there wasn't much of a dance floor I was glad to have the spot on it that I did. The highlight of the night was I spotted Danny, Neon Indian's guitarist, after the show and dragged Robyn along as I waltzed over to introduce myself. We chilled backstage a bit (my first backstage experience) before wandering the streets. Finally, my friendly inebriated nature pays off!

Me and Danny. One of the great mysteries of life: Who took this picture?

Stanley Cup Finals - June


What an exciting few weeks! Too bad it ended in a disappointment that swept the entire city. I watched the final game with Heidi and Saschie from the comfort of The Keg Yaletown. Totally not my scene, and they only had one TV on the patio, but it was better than sitting on the ground watching it outdoors like I'd done for previous games. I'd write more, but...the loss still stings.

Stanley Cup Riots
We got the hell out of the downtown core shortly after.

Happier times...the game on June 8. (Except we lost this one, too.)

My 24th Birthday - June 12


I managed to forget to take any pictures of this...apart from a shot of the delicious cheesecake that Robyn made! Which was really one of the most important components of the theme--Golden Girls. I got the perfect dress from True Value Vintage's bag sale the month prior: black and sparkly gold, bow at the waist, gigantic shoulder pads. It was a great birthday, and I'm so glad I got to see as many friends as I did.

Spirit of the West & Dan Mangan - Stanley Park - July 10

Spirit of the West

Went to this with my friend Eric, who I dated for a hot minute this summer. I completely spaced and forgot to bring a blanket to sit on, but luckily we ran into my friend Katrina who graciously shared hers. It would have been a perfect evening except for the fact that Dan Mangan's set started an hour and 15 minutes later than planned. Since Eric had to get up early for work we only caught the first two songs before we had to hit the road. Bummer!

Harry Potter - The Rio - July 14

Photo on 2011-07-14 at 18.17

I ended up being pretty ambivalent about the movie itself, but I had a blast in line with Robyn and Shafin. Pixar Monopoly, umbrella forts, and vodka made the time fly by. My original plan had been to dress up as Bellatrix Lestrange (really the only character I somewhat resemble) but then I got lazy and settled for a Dark Mark and a black dress.

Heidi's 19th and Steph's 23rd Birthday - Lamplighter - July 29

Sarah, Steph, and two of Steph's friends

Happy birthday to two of my beloved classmates! The night started with drinks at Nomfundo's and ended with poutine at Fritz, so clearly it was a smashing success. I had a good time at the Lamplighter--it's nice to branch out from my usual repertoire of dive bars and slums once every couple years (ha).

Jordan, Leslie, and Heidi

Pitt Meadows - July 30-August 10

I've been spending my Sundays working at the Pitt Meadows Farmers Market, so my aunt and uncle (who are also involved with the market) asked me to house (and cat) sit for them while they were at their cabin. It was a nice mini-vacation for me, too! I enjoyed getting to spend some time with Frik, the 20 year old mother of my dear Cleo.


Me at the Maple Ridge Rotary Duck Race, posing with some of Samantha's Silly Soap. This picture made it into the Maple Ridge Times! I'm famous!

Despite an extraordinary lack of friends in Pitt, I did get to see Heidi a couple times: once for dinner and a sleepover at her house in Maple Ridge, and once when we went to Roosters. For those not from the area, Roosters is a "country cabaret" conveniently located within walking distance of my aunt and uncle's house. The crowd, mostly borderline-underage girls and ex-cons (seriously--the young ladies ahead of us in line were loudly discussing their respective times in the joint), was interesting, to say the least. But drinks were cheap, so good times were had!

Me and Heids at Roosters. I know my bangs are getting too long when they decide to rebel.

Kits Beach

Last Friday I met up with my good friend Steve for my first real beach trip of the year. We went to Kits, where we attempted--and failed, horribly--to eat an entire meal at Vera's and drank beers and Palm Bays sneakily hidden from view. We finished the day with nachos and a plethora of beverages at Rogue, which is a great place to go if you're near Waterfront and looking for something casual, affordable, and delicious.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Contents: Ice, canned beverages

This week I didn't have much to do, so naturally I dyed my hair. I've had a tub of Punky Colours in Turquoise kicking around for a couple months, and when I saw cheap bleach at Shopper's I decided to finally go for it. I've been lusting over pictures of blue ombre hair on Tumblr for ages, so that's what I set out to accomplish.

My hair after two bleachings. I guess I should have known it would be a pain to lift years of black dye.

I bleached my hair with 30 vol developer three times over two days, with a looong session of deep conditioning after the second bleaching. Although I didn't get it as light as I would have liked, I'm really pleased with the end results!

Blue hair!

Oh man...I'm never going so long without blogging again. Recapping months of my life at a time is too difficult! Time to curl up and rest my weary fingers...


  1. Thanks! I loooved your pink and blue, do you still have it?